Come in

Come in to one of our two locations in uptown & downtown Oakland. We’re here every weekday from 7am to 5pm. Stop by for a cup, we would love to see you!


downtown: Tribune Tower, 411 13th street



uptown: Leamington Building, 381 19th street


Coffee Menu


12oz $2.00  | 16oz $2.50

Colombia Doña Rosa
Tasting notes: bittersweet cocoa, jammy, bright
Roasted by Modern ★ Oakland, CA


16oz $2.75 | 24oz $3.75

Colombia Doña Rosa
Tasting notes: bittersweet cocoa, jammy, bright
Roasted by Modern ★ Oakland, CA


$ varies by drink

Hair Bender
Tasting notes: cherry, toffee, fudge
Roasted by Stumptown ★ Portland, OR

Colombia Valle de los Puentes
Tasting notes: roasted nuts, dark chocolate, syrupy
Roasted by Modern ★ Oakland, CA

Slow Motion (DECAF)
Tasting notes: molasses, cocoa, smooth
Roasted by Counter Culture ★ Emeryville, CA


Clever $3.25 | Chemex $6.50

Ethiopia Mordecofe
Tasting notes: jasmine, grapefruit, oolong tea
Roasted by Stumptown ★ Portland, OR

Indonesia Bies Penantan
Tasting notes: fudge, black cherry, allspice
Roasted by Stumptown ★ Portland, OR


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We carry so many different coffees that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all. We feel fortunate to have access to many great roasters right here, but we also source from outside of the Bay Area when we come across something that we can’t resist.

Our regularly featured roasters include: Chromatic Coffee Co., Counter Culture Coffee Linea CaffeStumptown Coffee RoastersVerve Coffee Roasters,.


Our beverages are made with Clover milk, from Sonoma and Marin county family farms or Califia Farms’ super creamy and delicious almond milk. We use San Francisco’s TCHO Chocolate’s 68% drinking chocolate in our mochas and cocoas.


We get our teas from two remarkable tea companies. Our primary source is Smith Teamaker, a wonderfully small teaworks in Portland, OR where teamaker Steve Smith and his team craft the finest, freshest full leaf teas in very small batches. But we always find room to bring in an irresistible gem from Winnie Yu at Teance in Berkeley!

Our chai, which is making a reputation for itself in downtown Oakland and beyond, is from Tipu’s Chai in Ronan, MT. Tipu’s original chai was the founder’s maternal grandmother’s own recipe.


If you arrive hungry, it won’t take you long to discover that we offer some amazing locally made food. These treats are delivered fresh every morning from Starter Bakery, Hopkins Street Bakery, NattyCakes, Rolling Sloane’s and Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy.


We sell a variety of equipment for your home brewing needs, including our favorite: the Clever Coffee Dripper.
If you’re looking for something in particular and you don’t see it here, just let us know; we’re happy to special order it for you.

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About us

modern coffee, oakland, espresso, ristretto, la marzocco, tattoo
Modern Coffee grew out of two friends’ love of coffee and tea and a desire to share it with others. At Modern, we showcase espresso 
and brewed coffee from several notable roasters and tea from some 
of the best tea purveyors in the country.

Our goal is to offer a curated selection of what we feel are the best coffees, teas and other goods out there, which means what you taste at Modern is what we love right now.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you.