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We think getting a delicious cup of coffee shouldn’t be complicated and it shouldn’t cost a fortune. We believe the best coffee shops are warm & inviting, with friendly staff and tasty products. That’s what we strive to provide for you. We want to serve you a damn good cup of coffee (or tea or latte or chai) and do it in a way that makes you want to come back, again and again. We’re not trying to change the world, we’re just trying to make your day.

– kristen, martina & the rest of the modern crew


  • Blackstrap Iced Coffee
  • Blackstrap Latte
  • Lavender Latte
  • Lavender Mocha
  • Lavender Matcha Latte


I love roasting because it’s an opportunity to really get to know a coffee and turn the green coffee beans into the best of cup of brewed coffee that they can be. The coffees we buy are of stellar quality, so the truth is they’ll taste good at a variety of different roast profiles. Our goal is to capture the character of every coffee that we roast, to really allow that character to shine. With every roast, we run it through the filter of – do we love it AND are customers going to love it? We think the answer is yes and we hope you agree.

– Kristen

At Modern we like coffees that are well-balanced and full, with enough roast development to yield lots of body and depth of flavor, but not so much that the nuances of each coffee are overpowered by the roast. We want our coffee to taste great black and hold up well if you like to add milk and sugar. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

A blend of washed process Guatemalan and Colombian coffees that achieve a balance of body, acidity and sweetness. You’ll get caramel, toffee and dark chocolate, with more bittersweet cacao in the espresso roast. It’s a great morning cup; hence, the name!

A blend comprised of a naturally processed Brazilian and a washed process Ethiopian. With this coffee, we’re going for a smooth and approachable cup. It’s incredible as espresso, but also makes a deliciously smooth cup of coffee. A staff favorite!

Colombian coffees are some of the most delicious coffees grown anywhere in the world. Tolima’s home high in the mountains of northern Colombia benefits from extremely nutrient-rich soil free of agrochemicals. Our Tolima shows off exceptional brightness, balanced body and notes of tart cherry, toffee and cocoa.

This lovely coffee comes from Finca Churupampa, a progressive coffee farm in Chirinos, Cajamarca, Peru. The farm has a training center that is open to the entire community and works with farmers to improve their production practices to break a cycle of poverty that has entrapped farmers in theregion for many years. In the cup, you’ll get toffee sweetness and creamy milk chocolate.

Manos de Mujer is grown and produced by indigenous women who are members of the Acodihue Cooperative the and owners of their land. We love this fruit-forward Guatemalan coffee. It stands out with notes of peaches & nectarines and a sweet praline finish that rounds out the cup.

La Labor is a community-driven coffee. This coffee is comprised of the best lots from families within the La Labor town in Ocotepeque, Honduras. The Asociación de Mujeres Productoras de Café La Labor (AMPROCAL) is the only association in the region with 100% female producers. This washed process Honduras is an approachable, yet remarkable coffee that exhibits layers of flavor and balance. You’ll taste sweet nougat & bright candied orange.

Limmu Kossa Estate is a large, family-owned farm that is committed to using modern and environmentally responsible farming techniques to produce high-quality coffee. The farm employs an exemplary agroforestry system making use of the shade of original, indigenous forest species. Limmu Kossa is an exquisitely bright and delicate coffee, full of dynamic floral notes and layers of stone fruit

A phenomenally full-bodied and juicy offering, this decaf hails from Tolima, Colombia, the same region as our Magia del Campo. Even through the decaffeination process, it retains a bounty of flavor and aromas. In the cup you’ll get flavors of mandarin orange, toffee and dark brown sugar. This coffee is a 100% women-produced ethyl acetate decaffeinated lot from the ASOPEP cooperative.



We’re lucky to have access to many great roasters right here on the West Coast, but we also source from outside of the area when we come across something that we can’t resist.

Our regularly featured roasters have includes: Chromatic Coffee Co.Counter Culture Coffee,  Linea CaffeStumptown Coffee and Verve Coffee Roasters. Currently we are featuring Coava Coffee.

From time to time we bring in guest roasters, some of which have included Noble Coffee in Ashland, OR, 49th Parallel Coffee in Vancouver B.C., Maquina Coffee in West Chester, PA.


We get our teas from three remarkable tea companies. G.S. Haly in Redwood City – they are guardians of traditional standards who have been importing some of the best quality teas since 1889. Smith Teamaker, in Portland, OR – the Smith team crafts our herbal & tea blends using the finest, freshest full leaf teas.

Our chai, which is making a reputation for itself in downtown Oakland and beyond, is from Tipu’s Chai in Ronan, MT. Founder Bipin Patel created Tipu’s using his maternal grandmother’s recipe. We sell two varieties of chai: Masala Chai – made with black tea and traditional chai spices and Kashmiri Chai – made with green tea, cardamom, saffron and almonds.


Our beverages are made with Clover milk, from Sonoma & Marin County family farms or Califia Farms’ super creamy and delicious almond milk or oat milk. We use a ganache made with TCHO Chocolate’s 68% drinking chocolate in our mochas and cocoas.


If you arrive hungry, it won’t take you long to discover that we offer some amazing locally made food. These treats are delivered fresh every morning from Firebrand Bakery.


Need coffee & pastries for a meeting? We can help!


Coffee $22: one airpot serves 12 8oz cups. Available in regular & decaf.

Coffee orders include: cups, stir sticks, half & half, sugar and splenda

*Please return airpots & bin within 24 hours to avoid being charged a replacement fee.


Morning pastries: sweet & savory croissants, assorted muffins, sweet & savory scones. prices vary

Cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry pecan, peanut butter with caramelized peanuts & chocolate, triple ginger. prices vary

*Please order with 48 hour notice to ensure availability.